We have been providing services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Brazos Valley since 2010! University Electric is committed to quality work from a minor service call to a major renovation. We strive for integrity, excellence and innovation!

Shrub Maintenance

Taking proper care of trees can be time consuming and very labor intensive. Contact Top Point Tree today to get a consult with one of our ISA Certified Arborists. Our professionals will come out to your property and leave your trees looking healthier than ever! 

Why Choose Top Point Tree 

  • We care about the health, beauty, and preservation of your trees
  • Our team is detail oriented, hard working, and friendly! 
  • We listen to your needs, and provide you with the quality service you deserve
  • Your trees will be healthy and beautiful 
  • Regular maintenance of trees & shrubs increases the property value over time 

What to Expect 

  • Our crews are trained by International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists. 
  • After the initial consultation, our arborist will create a recommended treatment plan that you can customize 
  • Once a final proposal is set, our team of tree care professionals will come to your property and carry out the treatment plan 
  • Our team will leave your yard looking spotless after the work is complete, and your trees looking better than ever!
Exterior Lighting

Enhance your nighttime experience and see your property come alive at night including custom exterior lighting for your home, landscape, or pool. 


We can help you upgrade your home with custom LED lighting and smart home technology that is higher-quality, energy-efficient, and convenient.


Be prepared! Ensure your home is safe and ready with quality surge protectors, emergency generators, and security monitoring upgrades.


Convert your lighting over to LED and make the world a brighter place. LEDs are more energy efficient, provide higher quality lighting, and are more environmentally friendly. As a bonus they’ll save you money on your utility bill and they’ve been proven to last longer, so no more arguing over changing the light bulbs.   


Install a smart lighting system by starting with smart switches that are as convenient and easy to use as a regular light switch. Instead of just an on/off feature, you now get the benefits of remote control, scheduling and automation, so no more getting out of bed to turn on the fan!


Call our certified electricians today at 979-820-1044 or schedule a consultation and receive a free onsite estimate.